Vinsen, a family business that has become international

A lot has happened in 20 years. The company has built itself up step by step to develop internationally without forgetting the values that make up its DNA. A family spirit, a real love of its territory, committed employees, a taste for work well done… define Vinsen.

21 Apr.

At home, there are fir trees as far as the eye can see. And no matter how much we travel to other beautiful countries, we are always happy to find them. Vinsen is a company located in the heart of the Vosges since its creation in 2003 by Mr Schmitz. This strong attachment to the territory is a crucial point in our history. Our team is still mainly made up of people from the Vosges whose seriousness and hard work are greatly appreciated by our clients. To launch our new site, we felt it was important to introduce ourselves. So, we tell you everything!

A family business from father to son, but not only…

In 2003, Vinsen (Vosges, Industries, Services and Cleaning) was created under the leadership of Mr. Schmitz. Previously, the founder of the company was a representative in France for an American group specialising in industrial cleaning products. It was a rich experience for the rest of his professional life. Forced to note that there was no company in France specialising in the cleaning of the paper industry, the idea of filling this gap was born. His son, Guillaume Schmitz, joined him in this company, which then became a family business. Together with their family members, they develop exclusive and highly specialised procedures. To do this, they go into direct contact with the paper industry to understand their needs and adapt their services to best meet them.

Over the years, the network of paper companies using our expertise has grown in France, then in Europe, and even internationally. Today, we are the European leader in industrial cleaning in the paper industry.
Other family members have joined us in the business. As a result, we preserve our initial values and work in harmony with all our employees, most of whom are from the Vosges.

European leader in paper machine cleaning

Today, Vinsen has 12 professionals, among the best in industrial cleaning, who are fully operational and trained in their profession. Crawling in narrow tanks, climbing several tens of metres high, with agility, in safety, day and night, cannot be improvised!

Our cleaning enables our customers to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce energy costs. Moreover, this last environmental aspect is increasingly taken into account in our interventions.

The company’s headquarters are located in Saint-Michel-sur-Meurthe near Saint-DiĆ©-des-Vosges. Thus, we are happy to participate in the economic development of this territory that we love.