Vinsen, European leader in the industrial cleaning sector

As a leader in Europe, Vinsen succeeded in establishing themselves in the industrial cleaning sector and in specialising in the paper industry. The company has proven their versatility and takes into account the evolution of environmental issues in the development of cleaning programmes that remain effective.

Vinsen is made of several teams of workers who are specialised in cleaning industrial paper machines. They know perfectly how to work with the particular conditions of each procedure. We can intervene quickly and efficiently.

Our priority remains the safety of our staff and the respect for health and environmental standards of safety.


Our values

We are very attached to the values that have forged the company over the years and we preserve them while we develop.

The men and women of Vinsen have as a priority:

  • The safety of people and property
  • Quality and speed of service
  • The productivity of the machines
  • The quality of the paper produced
  • The preservation of the industrial tool for better profitability
  • The relationship of trust based on the quality of services
  • Health and consideration of environmental aspects