We offer specific cleaning of industrial equipment


Each cleaning is subject to a preliminary study to determine the type of contamination


We define a specific cleaning programme


We consider the safety of people and goods and the specificities of your equipment


A technical and commercial proposal is sent to you

Our techniques

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Chemical techniques

The use of chemical products depends on the deposits to be removed and the surface to be treated.
Thanks to specific compositions and our know-how, we can carry out very effective cleaning that will meet your expectations. The use of exclusive foam generators allows us to optimise the quantity of product used and thus reduce the cost of the service.

Our cleaning programmes comply with current environmental standards

Vinsen’s guarantee
We use the right product with the right dosage and in the best conditions

In which cases ?

  • Short circuit: pressurised purifiers / pipes / distributor / head box
  • Long circuit: pulp tanks / cyclonic purifiers / fibre recuperators (disc filters, floats).
  • Passivation of stainless-steel elements (headbox, lips, etc.)
  • Kitchen: preparation of sauces, colourings, polymers, and starch
  • Boilers and economisers
  • Dryer exchangers: tubes, plates
  • Air-cooling towers, packing, defrosting

High pressure techniques HP/THP/UHP

Vinsen uses high pressure and ultra-high-pressure cleaning (up to 3000 bar), with or without prior chemical action, to remove most of the most incrusting deposits.
For tube exchangers, robotization offers a precious time saving.

Sandblasting and air-gumming techniques

Sandblasting and air-gumming techniques Sandblasting is used to strip large surfaces using an abrasive projected at high speed by compressed air. It can be very light with sodium bicarbonate (dissolved in water, a technique used in the food industry, …), with walnut shells or olivine for an ecological cleaning, or with corundum and other minerals for a more important abrasive effect.
Our operators use air-supplied suits for maximum safety.

Vinsen’s guarantee
The benefit of sandblasting: dry cleaning without any humidity

In which cases?

  • Paint stripping
  • Stripping of frames (rust removal) with a view to applying a new protection

Cryogenic techniques

Cold treatment is based on the projection of carbon dioxide for precise maintenance of your production equipment.
Its strength of action is adjustable: from delicate maintenance to powerful stripping of any equipment.
Dry ice blasting can remove thick layers of contaminants.
The ability to adjust the cleaning power provides an unparalleled level of finish.

Vinsen’s guarantee
Thanks to cryogenics, fragile surfaces are not damaged but the main pollutants are eliminated.

In which cases?

Cleaning of inks
Cleaning of grease

The + :

We also vacuum liquids, solids, and dangerous products.
We can also ensure the treatment and/or evacuation of waste and the dehydration of liquid waste.

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